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COVID-19 Response

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between the Culturatti and Angels Wear Gowns?

The Culturatti is the brand and company of Detroit artist, Brittany Guerriero. In both recognizing that the need for volunteer-made PPE will not last forever and the commitment to putting every dollar donated towards purchasing supplies, the Culturatti is simply donating a space on their website to help with coordination (rather than Angels Wear Gowns spending time and resources in creating a temporary site of their own).

What is Angels Wear Gowns?

Angels Wear Gowns is a Michigan-based, grassroots, volunteer network created by fellow Michigander, Robyn Staebler, to provide hospital-approved PPE gowns to healthcare providers and others fighting on the frontlines for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. These resuable plastic isolation gowns further protect workers as they interact with patients who have the novel Coronavirus.

Who does Angels Wear Gowns Serve?

Angels Wear Gowns currently provides gowns regularly to healthcare workers at roughly 2 dozen hospitals in Southeastern Michigan, along with some fire departments and EMS crews in the same area.

Why Gowns?

The hospital-approved isolation gowns are consistently identified as the number one item needed from our volunteer network at this time. As this crisis is constantly evolving, we shift in response - helping at times to provide volunteer-made masks and other items.

What about Social Distancing?

We are a virtual network of volunteers. Supplies are delivered to volunteers who make the gowns in sanitized work spaces in their own homes following specific protocols (they are not meeting to make these in groups).

The completed gowns are picked up and transported to hospitals where they are sanitized again for extra precaution before being used. All involved adhere strictly to social distancing guidelines.

Who pays for the gowns and other PPE items?

Angels Wear Gowns is completely relying on in-kind supply donations from retailers and financial donations to purchase supplies. 100% of financial donations from the businesses and individuals go towards supplies. Please go here to donate.